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In guanghan, sichuan keda pipe co., LTD is a famous collection of research, development, production, sales rubber steel pipe in the integration of science and technology enterprises

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      1.   Product category
        Concentrate pipeline
        Tailings Steel composite pipe
        Ore pipeline
        Equipment rubber lining
        Plant ash Steel rubber
        plant desulfurization tube
        Steel rubber composite pipe
        Phosphorus Chemical
        Double Brake
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        Sales department:
        Technical services:
        Address: guanghan XiangYangZhen with 16 village three clubs

          General manager

           Hello everyone! Welcome everyone to visit the Sichuan Guangyuan Hanke Da Pipe Co., Ltd. 

        the official website, on behalf of the handsome Guangyuan, Sichuan Hanke Da Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. 

        Thank you for your support and encouragement for all staff, officially because of your trust, 

        we can continue to grow and develop . Over the past decade, we uphold the concept of continuous 

        innovation, excellence, Diamond quality and superior culture, has won the support and love of 

        our customers, allows us to thrive in the increasingly fierce market competition and rapid

        development.Our products, combined with modern high-tech integrated into the design concept of 

        humane care, culture into product form and spirit both inside and outside the Integrated Programme 

        to create a human life products that make life no longer monotonous, so that lifethe door, full 

        of style and taste.  

        We believe in one hundred years only one thing to do, we rely on the superior quality, relying 

        on sound, high-quality, efficient and attentive service, based on the market. In the future, we 

        will work harder, with first-class management, first-class products, first-class service, new 

        and old customers return the love and dedication to make friends, and friends heart of India, 

        the situation relative to the Department, Helping Hands, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit 

        and win-win together toward a better tomorrow!

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        Guanghan, sichuan keda pipe co., LTD. Address: sichuan guanghan XiangYangZhen with xing village

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