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In guanghan, sichuan keda pipe co., LTD is a famous collection of research, development, production, sales rubber steel pipe in the integration of science and technology enterprises

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      1.   Product category
        Concentrate pipeline
        Tailings Steel composite pipe
        Ore pipeline
        Equipment rubber lining
        Plant ash Steel rubber
        plant desulfurization tube
        Steel rubber composite pipe
        Phosphorus Chemical
        Double Brake
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        Address: guanghan XiangYangZhen with 16 village three clubs

          Product display >> Steel rubber composite pipe
        Steel rubber composite pipe

        Title: Steel rubber composite pipe
        Price: Negotiable
        Category: tailings pipeline
        An industry: mining transportation equipment
        Keywords: the steel rubber composite pipe, Kodak Pipe, lined rubber tube, rubber lined pipe, steel, 

        rubber composite pipe

        The plant ash Steel rubber composite pipe


        Applicable to fly ash and pipelines.


        Using our patented technology "rubber composite pipe composite technology of high-strength steel with rubber layer extruded seamless layer steel super good wear resistance, 

        corrosion resistance.


        Steel pipe spiral welded pipe, straight seam welded pipe, seamless pipe. Specifications 

        DN80 to DN2000mm, rubber lined plastic thickness: 4.5mm. Single production length 6m. 

        The work pressures optional different pipe wall thickness pressure of 0.6 to 10 MPa.


        Flange connection flexible connector soldered joint

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        Guanghan, sichuan keda pipe co., LTD. Address: sichuan guanghan XiangYangZhen with xing village

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